Hi Shannon and team!


I am so PROUD to be a Happy Member of your Dating Agency

I am quietly following every move you make – from the sideline… he..he………….I have enjoyed my sabbatical but things may be better with me soon and I can also join in all the fun everyone is having!!

Love love love your practical approach yet still coaching from a 5d spiritual perspective. I read every new word on all your Blogs, testimonials and CLUB NEWS and honestly, always walk away feeling enriched.  If folks out there do not appreciate your advice, it has to be because they are not seriously dating to find love! They are dead in their hearts and actually need you, but don’t know it!!  You guys are so inspiring! On top of that, the newsletters are brilliant and funny.

I am still on pause for now, for no other reason than Covid and Winter and hmmm…. I will have to think on my excuses. 🙂

They say change is good. I say you guys rock!