Good evening Shannon,

Once again thank you for your email, it really helped me through a very uncertain space I have been in. Your coaching and on the spot advice was invaluable!

It is sometimes difficult to remember that we are all different, we think, talk and act differently….so I sometimes need to take a step back and realise that people deal with situations differently to me… I don’t know what they are going through internally that may also be affecting them.

Everything you have said about XXX is spot on!!

I also need to keep remembering that he came onto this platform for the same reason that I did, he is looking to find the one (i just hope when he does, he doesn’t feel it is too much hard work) . I have kept your very wise advice and learning to listen and find his triggers instead of sounding insecure. I now realise that my drive him away as it may look “needy” and I must have the confidence that so far, there is nothing to fear, except my own doubts, founded on nothing!!

I am now being very relaxed about our first meet-up. I guess in his mind he is thinking- let’s go on the first date to see if we connect and feel the same in person….and then take it from there and plan other things.

It is also very difficult finding somewhere to go now on a first date! it’s a very strange situation…

You mentioned that guys don’t need to give affirmations all the time… but for me it’s quite strange to go from one extreme to the next.

I am now finding I have to hold back on saying things…when we first started talking – the biggest thing that we both liked about one another was that we could be open and honest without feeling judged…. but it doesn’t feel like that right now. I now understand that to him, as you say, it is mission accomplished and why questions.

I am very excited to finally meet him, I am nervous as well! I just don’t want it to feel like I am meeting a friend… there needs to be a little fireworks! haha

Let me know if you have any more tips, and thanks for your blessings…. ha-ha

Take care and chat soon