Shannon Davidoff is a professional matchmaker and dating coach, CEO of Perfect Partners. In this article, she shares the secret to finding love. With nearly two decades of working with singles, who successfully found their soul mate, she is South Africa’s best dating expert. The gift of finding love is life-changing but getting harder to find without help.

These days more and more many people are not having luck with dating apps or online dating sites. Frustration seems to be at an all-time high. Even worse people have wasted so much time and energy looking for someone with nothing to show for it.

What to do? Work with a professional matchmaker.

Matchmakers are almost like your personal talent agents or love brokers. Some even call them recruiters. What they do is represent you to find you the perfect match. Just like a professional athlete is represented by a talent agent, think of a matchmaker as the person finding you the best.

But there is lots more. As your matchmakers and dating coaches, we are determined to empower you, guide you, dry your tears or laugh with you, every step of the way, because we know how tough it is! The belief is if a man is seeking a woman, or a woman is seeking a man, simply put, they ultimately want to be adored by that awesome someone!

After all, it was so easy in the distant past or when we were younger (if you’re over 35). Love seemed innocent, spontaneous and seemed so natural. We yearned and loved with hearts that throbbed. It all seemed so simple.

There were plenty of guys and plenty of gals, lots of options.

Are all the potential soul mates now gone? Is there anyone left for Me? Am I not ready for love?

All common questions. The Internet connects us all, social media, dating apps, online dating sites, so many choices. Or are these choices for finding love or just entertainment? How do you know? If you have tried it, you have probably found it’s not that easy to find love. It seems more like a second job.

In the digital age it has become very difficult to find The One, albeit so easy to just join a singles dating site or date club – so many choices, also so many risks, so much to lose if you are not very experienced at profiling others – old fashioned principles hardly apply in an “instant gratification” world with information at every turn, quick access to others through social media, online sites and Tinder or Bumble, and people take short cuts and want it all yesterday!  Man + Woman = Love, not so? NOPE!!

No online dating site or app can truly match you or your profile to your best options!  It takes people skills and the human touch!

The real solution is to outsource your search to a dating expert, your matchmaker and dating coach who screens the most compatible matches. It is a fast track to love, not a minefield like online dating. A professional matchmaker has vast experience, understands your needs and has extreme people skills in this genre and can guide you sensitively to make the right choices.

Why do humans fear change especially if they desire a lasting, loving relationship and the internet is not working for them?

Making that decision to find your soul mate means making a decision to attract and develop that romantic relationship you yearn for. Often a part of you will resist change. Sometimes a change in life can be the best thing, especially if what you are doing now is not working.

What are you waiting for?

Love can be simple and easy to find because as a species we need love like the earth needs sun! “I want love!” you cry, yet do you ask, “Who is there out there for ME to love?” Because when you give, you get back, the law of attraction! You need to earn love!

Are you date ready? Your matchmaker gives you a plan of action!

When do you know you are ready?  A part of you may fear the unknown. Love can come without a blueprint or guide. The most important thing is be yourself. All those insecurities, habits, patterns and attitudes will all be ok with the right person who a matchmaker will help you find. No need to settle. A little patience and let your matchmaker help!

So, guys and gals, we all set forth on our journey to introduce you to all the potential prospects we can match you up with, make friends, circulate, “window shop” and have fun, and live in abundance! Your soldiers of love here are on the march!

The gift of finding love is life-changing but getting harder to find without help but we are the answer.

Love and light to you all, and warm sunny days are here! May your stars shine bright for you!

Let Shannon and her team help