Finding Love Again Should Be Dating By Design Not By Default

Sep 12, 2018 | Dating Tips

Dating by Design

For all those hopeful singles dating out there who are seeking love again, always remember, it is not where you start but where you finish! And you do not wish to go to where you were or still are, stuck in an endless spiral of “going nowhere dates”. And again, finding love again should be dating by design not by default.

Today we speak about change, and many of you have already had changed forced on you by divorce, a break-up or even a loss (or never really got started because you didn’t know where to start), and now that you are committed to find your forever loving relationship, you can chase your dreams with courage and find success in life and find love again, congratulations! No more hit on miss on every platform or dating site, but working with your matchmakers as a team.

Preparing for a new “single lifestyle” is not easy after being in a relationship, or being rusty at loving it up, and those that decide to be single is no longer acceptable, planning is needed because it means inevitable change again!

Date Ready with the help of a Matchmaker

Are you “date ready”? Do you show-up, step-up and act with integrity, look your best (because there is going to be much competition) and give yourself time and the TLC you deserve? Do you believe you deserve a new life and go for it with conviction? Your pot does have a lid!  And maybe everyone is a different pot, the lid will fit when it is right

YOU DO BELIEVE! because you are HERE to change, it is evolution!  The question is if you are dating by design or default?

When change can no longer be avoided and reality becomes unbearable the natural and inevitable transformation has to happen! To get different results, things need to change – starting with the Self.

You can try to manage change on your own, it can be emotional, physical (usually the # 1 issue in attraction because it is the “visual” and first step to being noticed), or in your mind, in the imagination, whatever, and you can choose to struggle on alone and hang on to out-dated notions, or you can engage the service of a professional matchmaker and work together to succeed.

Maybe you are single for a reason… have you assessed your reasons for this situation where you find yourself? An expert on dating and relationships can fast track you to a successful outcome!

Life is not just happening to us, it is cause and effect, because nothing happens by coincidence or accident, life responds to our actions!

Our actions evolve from thought, and thinking is the design tool we all need! And many things are a chain reaction from the past experiences when love evaded you or ended in bitterness or hurt or being “broken” hearted, find where it started, the root cause of broken, and the chain can be fixed!

We have all made the mistake of acting without thinking, by golly, and seeeeee where it got us

People complicate love, but love is so simple! We all have fundamental needs, to love, to share, to belong, be approved of and be recognised, and we call it “social safety” because we need each other, we all need love in its many forms, one way or another!  No man is an island.

Opening the door to love, having a dating game plan and a design to succeed, can only bring success! We may not get what we THINK we want because we often don’t know what we really need, but we will get what we most deserve, and finding love is work!  Start there with your design and have a date plan, and we all know the law of attraction, what you put out you get back and karma is a bitch

It is important too when committing to your design/plan to find lasting love, that we remember, even though we are loved by our closest others, strangers do NOT know us and need to be inspired to do so! They need to want to meet, and then need to know “this is for me, yes!!”… in this specific context, others need to be attracted and inspired to explore new love.

Being confident in one’s skin and grounded, loving and loveable, with the heart of angel, are not visible trait. The inner beauty has little to do with how we look on the outside until we bring the inner and outer together in one awesome package!  (It also can be reversed, the outer can be magnificent, but the inner lacks something?). Balance is key!

Our connectedness as a species and as individuals is strengthened when everything is linked. We are all a network of “links” in our Self and Being and society, and as humans too, and believe it, we are linked to each other when we accept this and embrace the art of being connected firstly, as when there is a common goal and bond, the others you meet are who are also wanting to find true love and their everlasting relationship, will see a good start to explore potential.

We leave you to think about your next actions, because God, the universe, your destiny, karma… all applauds action, not thought! When we act consciously, we have a plan and goals can be achieved! Your match maker and date coaches are here for you! You ALL matter to us big time!

Please contact us to help you find love !

Always in love and light

Fond Regards,

Shannon and the Team