Having A Dating Coach Can Help You Succeed At Love And Win GOLD!

Sep 21, 2018 | Blogs

Professional Dating Coach

As a professional dating and relationship coach for Perfect Partners, one thing I’ve noticed with many clients is that most of them don’t want to be with someone just for the sake of being in a relationship. They want GOLD – the best guy or girl for them, the real top of the pops. Someone who, when they’re introduced to friends and family, the reaction is – WOW! And of course! Why shouldn’t we all want that? I want to talk about why having a dating coach can help you succeed at love and win GOLD!

The challenge with winning GOLD, whether in our love life or in life in general, is that we have to put in the effort. Like Usain Bolt, we cannot rely on “raw talent” (our looks, achievements, success, the car we drive) to win the ultimate prize. We cannot even rely exclusively on our matchmaker to magically find that perfect person if we are not properly prepared!

Making a difference as a Matchmaker

Let’s face it, competition is stiff out there. I meet gorgeous gals and amazing guys every day through my work – the real cream of singles in South Africa. And what makes them different from the average? Not only do they REALLY WANT to succeed at love, they are willing to do something about it.

I’m often impressed at how many people that coach with me already know exactly what they want in their ideal partner. Because they’re successful in other areas of their lives, they know the importance of goal setting. Despite this, they are also willing to acknowledge that just having the goal hasn’t got them the prize, they also need a plan! And that just like in every other area where they want to really excel, they know that getting outside help exponentially increases their chance of success. An expert coach and a professional matchmaker together, can only spell success!

If you’re ready to date the cream of the crop in South Africa, and get into that top 10% yourself, contact us for a free introductory coaching session once you have joined Perfect Partners. We’ll look at where you are, where you want to be and some strategies for how to get there; and decide together if you’re ready to do what it takes to up your game.

Your free coaching session awaits once you have officially joined Perfect Partners, and I look forward to meeting you!

Much love,

Veronica and the Team at Perfect Partners