Dating Tips from your Matchmaker

Let me start by saying all women are beautiful and every pot has a lid. While watching TV this past week I came across a show about dating, well not quite dating, more like a paid “arrangement”, like dial-a-date. Before I get into that, guys meet your matchmaker for great insights and dating tips about the female soul. That’s me, Shannon and my team.

Now back to the TV guy. He was a high-end stylish and professional male escort around 45. He was tall, dark and very hot with a great attitude and excellent manners. He claimed to be happily married with a child with a wife that did not mind his profession.

He describes his profession as “was to make women happy and please them” which he has a most natural talent for and has this specific skill. He went on to say, he became very wealthy doing this, that is, bringing love and warmth into a lady’s life. He turns a special evening out magical, even if it is just temporary with everyone going home happy. He said that he loves his “job”, despite a degree in economics and a failed career which he gave up on.

The Female Soul

It was not so much the sex, but the fact he could make a woman he was entertaining, in the moment, feel very special. He said emphatically, he never gets distracted by looking around the room, checking his phone, talking about other women and always maintains eye contact. Yes, he truly gives the appearance of being totally interested.

But here is the real key, he really listens and keeps her gazing with his “open body language”, never pries with personal questioning and is supportive. He further extends this kindness by overlooking age, shape or culture, as he finds beauty, a wealth of joy, warmth and humour in every woman.

While this is no more than a paid service, escort or what some might call a gigolo. He does make his lady clients light up and glow with pleasure, making them all feel beautiful in their own way!

We ask, why can’t this actually be our reality and find the real deal in love?  Is it because it takes hard work or are we afraid of truth, doubt ourselves or others or even that love can be real and not only mostly painful? Hmmm?

Yes, it is other people who caused the pain, not love itself!  But without pain, we would not be able measure joy!

This makes one think, if we had a chance to be that “fantasy Prince”, or be with one, would we settle for a fleeting moment with a “fantasy” or hang in there for our everlasting and true love?

Is illusion and fantasy better than the real deal?Well, we know we have many princes here who want to adore our ladies, lovely ladies just waiting to be that princess-forever too, all tired of living a fantasy!

That Prince may not come riding in on a white horse, but he sure can give you his heart, slay your dragons and put his world at your feet!  The next lady you meet may just turn out your princess too!  Give love a chance!

People are not perfect, but love is!  So, on that romantic note, we continue our search for all, to find the best compatible and potential lasting love!

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Always in love and light.

Fond Regards

Shannon and the Team