Thank you for your kind and beautiful words, we were both worried that you might be disappointed by our decision to be exclusive so soon as your opinion and thoughts hold a lot of weight (especially for me).  A true client testimonial to Shannon Davidoff Perfect Partners most amazing cupid.

Dating “M” is wonderful, so different to any other man I have dated for so many different reasons (I had a good chuckle to myself as I declined to meet someone his age earlier in the process who Inge had sent and here I am with a guy 11 years my senior who I totally adore).

I must be honest though I am grateful for my next 3 weeks of travel as it will give me time to process these changes and get to know “M” a bit better…even though via phone. True to my nature I need to cognitively decipher this magic but at the same time so blessed as M is an excellent communicator (seriously amazing) and about as cognitive as I am.

My approach with Perfect Partners was to take the journey little did I know who I would find and where it would lead me and what I would learn (I thought I knew it all!).wow, wow, wow….. WOW!

This is truly the beginning of a new and wonderful chapter ….no matter where it takes me, having this experience and time with “M” is magical…..he has restored my faith in men and allowed me to see a part of myself I have never seen before… and your gentle date coaching has opened my eyes! No more dating by default!

Thank you for all date coaching, relationship guidance and sound advice, it is invaluable, non-invasive, but every email you reply to and your weekly newsletters on matters trending in the singles would, are extremely enlightening and food for thought… so I have subconsciously learnt much and I would not be here, saying I believe love has found me, without all your date tips and hands-on, caring conversations! I was ready to love again!!

We will definitely keep you up to speed with developments and would love to keep in contact as you are a very precious person to me.

All my love and best wishes,


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