Hi dearest Shannon

Thank you for your email and the information. The more I hear about PD, the more I like the sound of him.

The Quintessential Gentleman Match

So I must update you: he messaged me this morning and we’ve arranged to chat this afternoon on the phone. He really did behave like the quintessential gentleman in the little interaction I’ve had with him so far.  Exactly what I would expect from a professional and confidential dating agency and date coach! Thank goodness I never have to go back to dating sites or Tinder – it was exhausting and no fun at all!

So it’s very exciting and I’m looking forward to talking to him.

Thank you to our Expert Matchmaker

He and I are really the perfect match on paper (as you obviously identified!). So thank you our expert matchmaker!!

I must tell you that your phone call last night was such a blessing out of the blue and couldn’t have come at a better time. It’s been a really rough few weeks so I needed some nice, happy things to happen.  Life has been surreal with all the Covid-19 restrictions and awful things happening, and I am now recovered from the virus ????

I’m not surprised that PD is very impressed with the service you offer and the personalised way in which you deal with your clients is a rare thing these days!  Your professional matchmaking and personal dating service is beyond comparison, no dating sites or any online dating can ever produce the results you do with your personal singles introductions.

I’ll keep you posted. Have a lovely weekend.

Take care and stay warm.