Is fear really blocking love from finding you?

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Sharing our Professional newsletter from end February, as many singles are still single and it is halfway through the year!  Enjoy the read, it will inspire and encourage! Your professional matchmaker is here to help fast track you, better than any dating site can!

2nd August, 2017

IS FEAR REALLY BLOCKING LOVE FROM FINDING YOU?  PLEASE LOOK DEEP (and Shannon shares her personal journey!)

Hi once more to our precious perfect partners, the last Friday of February and nearly the end of the Month of Love!!  It was an interesting month!  I did quite a few radio talks and the TV show, and have also contributed to an article coming up in the Sunday Times, and there seems to be an emerging question all these media people ask, why can’t single people find love, it should be so easy?  I has made me think very deeply and I have also asked our LOVE GURUS for their input, so today we share all the bits and pieces of ‘stuff’ coming together!  See the interactions at the end of my piece……

I love the good energy everyone had this week – you are making friends (all of you knowing what the ultimate goal is!) and allowing a natural process to work, you are more awesome than you realise, I have “sold” you already, you only need to “show up”!

Through all the questions we have been answering lately with the media asking for our advice, and even from the responses from our own members, I have recognised that FEAR is a deeply embedded factor in many people!  I am even opening up here to you all on my own journey and how I have grown into love and abundance in the last 12 – 15 years, so please bear with me and know we can help you!  Look deep inside and look back at good introductions we have found for you, and ask yourself exactly why you could not even explore a relaxed and friendly coffee date to test destiny! Ask yourself if you really found an excuse (we covered the pathology of “busy, busy, busy” a few weeks ago already as a dodge) NOT to go on a pleasant outing because of some imprinted, deep psychological reason, fear or blockage – what truly got in the way?

So here is my truth …..(the extracts for our Sunday Times brief hereunder talk about ‘not my look’ and shallow things we klap you all about often so please don’t give us that one, LOL! We can concede though that anybody overweight (it speaks of poor health, not vanity), frumpy and not celebrating the divine feminine or masculine in a ‘presentation’ is acceptable!  Or if a member does not smile, look friendly and approachable in their pics, we can’t blame you, therefore we cannot be blamed when people decline to meet, you are all are in charge of your own image you portray.)

I have been meditating even deeper than usual on this syndrome of “fear factor” in all its forms, and have inspiration for our Professional newsletter today as I think I may be on to something, you are welcome to disagree with me! I always use my own Self as a guinea pig and put myself in all your shoes ………in all honesty, I would have fear that I may not be good enough, nice enough, bright enough, sexy enough, able to give enough, trust enough, will I fail, will I screw up, will I be hurt/betrayed or abused …….and I know actually I enjoy a time now when I can tell myself I don’t really care what others think and even if I am quite a FOB (Feisty Old Bitch) at times I am liberated by my truths and acceptances of my own warts and all…….and you know what?  I seem to be liked by more people than I expected, because I am, finally, being myself! Up until about 12 years ago it worried me senseless that I had to be better, be perfect, be liked, be affable and agreeable (and I actually took a lot of abuse! Which is a vicious cycle because one then tends to grovel even more for approval!) I tried so hard but was never happy deep down…….man, it was so nerve wracking!!  It made me even more vulnerable because people see a “people pleaser” a mile away and you end up being distrusted….because who the hell just “gives” these days?  Why is she being nice? What is Shannon’s agenda? My journey was great …..I started to accept me as I am …….I can trust my God-given ethics, kindness, sense of justice, smarts, humour and loving nature which is  inherently in my genes and will not let me down, and I have no qualms in telling someone to “Buzz Off”…. if I feel it is necessary!….so I do every day with gratitude and abundance! “Those that matter care, and those that don’t care don’t matter!”

Tons of love and light, and see hereunder PLEASE how this subject is being discussed on every platform – not just Perfect Partners, but an eternal issue we all have!!  Enjoy some enlightenment

Fond Regards


Is fear stopping love from finding you? By Dr. Bloomberg

Though all my many years of couple counselling and relationships issues, what seemed to come up many times when I do radio and TV shows is the common theme “ how do I trust again? How do protect myself from getting hurt?”

So many times we enter new relationships, EXPECTING UNCONSCIOUSLY to be hurt again. We don’t open up and don’t put all our energy into the new relationship, for fear of rejection and hurt. Please see past trauma as part of your life lesson – you did learn something after all?

Our fears are literally not allowing us to be open and experience. Well I can’t blame everyone, we only human, however, guess what….what you put out there you get back, what you fear usually comes to you. So we create the same patterns, partners that hurt and reject us. (Veronica can ‘recode’ your memory chips and banish past trauma! And I am here to chat!)

The trend I am seeing in the dating game, is that so many people are finding fault with the “potential persons” profile so that they don’t have to meet them. This is happening unconsciously. Similarly, if you find fault with your new relationship and break up before they break up with you. Maybe they were the right partner?! A lot of us are our own worst enemies. So please don’t block your potential Perfect Partner before you have even gone on a date! Go with an open mind that and the worst thing that can happen is that you make a new close friend, have fun and who knows? Life is short, go out experience and enjoy and maybe you will like it. Guess what.. no one is perfect, but you may just find a prefect one for you is release the fear and do it anyway!! Give love a chance, it happens when least expected and comes of nowhere!  You were born to be loved …….

Good luck!
Dr. Charissa Bloomberg