Afternoon Express with Shannon, Charissa and Jeanie D

Jan 14, 2017 | News

 As you know we have just participated in another world-wide survey with our international Blogger, Anat, which is VERY INTERESTING!  Thanks to all the ladies who gave us input, most appreciated. We have received the results back from the second global survey on the challenges of dating men that women out there are experiencing, and really suggest that EVERYONE take time to read this really well as it holds universal advice for all those in the perpetual struggle that single men and women encounter every day in their search for a life mate! It seems that the picture is pretty much the same everywhere, with the same mindsets that may need adjusting, so please let us know your thoughts, and if you care, even comment directly on Anat’s blog! Last year we circulated the results to our entire database of what the men find challenging in dating women, so here it is again below, for all those that did not receive – the men gave us some brutal truths but also some very interesting pointers to work on! Let’s all see if we can improve relations between the sexes, now that we have both sides of the story! (If you cannot access the Challenges Men Face, please ask and we can forward – there were some very relevant points for bachelorettes to think about!). We thank Anat and her Team for including us in this global survey, and for their assessment of Perfect Partners as the leading and most professional matchmakers in SA, according to their experience with our competition here. Much love and light, Shannon and the Team Tuesday, February 9, 2016