Hi Shannon,

I’d love to meet a woman that can debate against me, and win, with facts and proof. I don’t consider these woman alpha in any way. They are simply intelligent, sane, humans, that have grown as tired as I am with the BS. IF YOU HAVE THESE ON YOUR DATABASE, PLEASE INTRODUCE ME, I AM ONE HELLOVA CATCH!!

A woman being straight up with me? Does such a thing exist? Are you sure your database has not been invaded with aliens? This could be part of their master plan you know, they could be trying to get all the able, intelligent men off the planet, so they can invade!

Yes, I know this sounds ridiculous, but from my experience, both these scenarios have equal merit. To me, finding a woman that’s straight up with me, would be like opening my microwave and finding a sentient cockroach holding a sign saying: “We come in peace.”. It really just sounds … too far-fetched to believe.

It would be lovely though, to meet a lady that does EXACTLY what she says she’s going to do. Rather than another one that talks in circles about what they would like to do, but somehow always finds excuses not to put effort into it.

As for her not being easy? I think if any of the men on your system wanted easy, they wouldn’t be on your system. Easy is really, really  easy. Too damn easy actually.

From my perspective, the woman you are describing here is … my mother’s generation, WHEN WOMEN WERE WOMEN, and they were strong too! They just don’t come in that make and model any more.

Basically what I’m saying is, that I need proof that these creatures exists. Right now, for me, this is up there with X-Files, Big-Foot, The Yeti, finding the body of J. E. Hoover and who killed JFK.





Once again, happy Friday to all our awesome perfect partners, the last one in November, as we head into December!  This week’s bulletin is on an interesting piece we researched on the internet on Alpha Females, we have to get used to it, they are here to stay guys! We had a very interesting response to our bulletin last week, many guys came back applauding what DJB had asked in his email to us, and many ladies were not surprised to hear what men are thinking about single ladies in general, and some were not very impressed!!  I cannot insert all the answers here as it will be too long, but some of the best should be on our blog on our website, anonymous as usual, no names, as confidentiality rules!  We so appreciate your feedback, and it seems many single ladies and guys have some thinking to do!  We have blogged an email from another male member, who says his experience with us is always fantastic, that we have truly wonderful, strong and independent ladies he has met and is honoured to meet, that are not the needy or clinging vine types, and he suggests our last week’s author meet more of the Alpha female types to find what him and his friends seek, partners in life not passengers  – very interesting! My question is, would Alpha Females be attracted to these guys? We applaud and complement our lovely ladies!

Indeed, stereotypical roles between the genders have changed in the last decade, more than ever, and there are no ‘privileges’ due by sheer virtue of being male, or female, successful, more mature or whatever people thinks gives them a head start or an automatic leg-up, because they are entitled…..singles now have to step up and attract on merit, their value add as a partner, their heart intelligence, divine spirit …….and their awareness of Self, both in and out, as essential human beings. BUT, we never forget the true essence of lasting and meaningful love bonds, men love to love women, and women love to love men, so it can be quite simple when all the games, riches, glory, lures and subterfuge are out the way, just be real, leave Ego behind!!

We are going to be sending out as many intros as we can before 23rd December so everyone has some new socialising to look forward to over the holidays, we will pull out all the stops! We are hard pressed to also bring on board all newbies as much admin has to be done and photos taken, so please hang in there, we are really busy!  We are also sifting through our usual 1000+ enquiries every month, and sadly, having to reject at least 30% as they do not meet all entry criteria at PP, so please be assured we remain selective and astute to your needs, and only entertain those that we feel fit in with our general calibre. All our partners have something to offer, are unique and fabulous people, give everyone a chance!

Veronica has been enrolling many members interested in her ‘energy psychology’ workshops aimed specifically at singles and her short workshop is next Saturday, 3rd December, for those still wanting to attend, or engage one-on-one  (feedback has been she can change dynamics in just one chat and members are beyond impressed!) and she did a great job of the Cliff Central radio show, we have written three articles for leading women’s magazines, and one men’s magazine, so editors recognise our value add too, and are helping spread the news! There have been no further TV shows planned this year, but we are out there, for all of us, and you are our best ambassadors, matched yet or not! Remember also, your frog could be someone else’s prince or princess! YOUR attraction factor is your success ….and an open mind to meet everyone and give it a chance……nobody is in a static state, transformation starts to happens the minute there is a spark!

Much love and light until next time,

Fond Regards

Some men like their women submissive, sweet, feminine, and nurturing – and hey, there’s nothing wrong with that. But that woman is certainly not an Alpha female! The Alpha female is now part of the mix and growing in numbers guys, you need to take heed! (Shannon’s comment:  it does not mean compete on a masculine level, ever, and definitely not an invitation to be butch in attitude! The Feminine Goddess can risk being the gentle, kind, soft and loving nurturer more than ever as she has more resources and means too to do so!  She can shine with new confidence and give her gifts from the heart).

Now, for those Alpha Females out there, you know who you are, it takes a very particular type of man to know or handle you, he would not be threatened but rather support and encourage your endeavors, seeing you as his mirror reflection and it may not always be easy. Yes, you might as well admit it now too: you are a handful.

Potential Alpha Female Lovers: don’t say you weren’t warned. You best know your woman before you fall head over heels for Miss. Independent!

   1. She will challenge you.

Not only will she challenge you, but she probably won’t forfeit too easily; she will be persistent and insistent. She will debate with you over anything from Trumps’s new policy, to the actual color of a tennis ball (green? or yellow?), and she expects to win. Some advice: challenge her back.(You asked for mental stimulation after all!!but do not turn it into a battle of egos! Always graciously accept her opinions and respect them, they are not meant to demean you in any way unless you let it!). If she has her feminine goddess working for her, she will be entertaining and interesting, not annoyingly disrespectful of your opinions either……so ladies, work on this!

   2. She doesn’t need a man to make it happen.

If you’re the kind of guy who loves to feel needed all the time, this gal just isn’t for you. She is fiercely independent and prides herself on being self-reliant and self-sufficient: Miss Outta My Way. The great thing about being with an Alpha is that you won’t feel tied down because she doesn’t need you, she wants you….she loves being with you, and you complement each other, not complete each other!

   3. She will be straight-up with you.

If your Alpha has a problem, you will most likely know about it. You can’t expect her to be too gentle with her words, so hopefully you’ll understand that she isn’t trying to be mean – this is just the way she is. But, hey, you won’t need to deal with the typical passive-aggressive bullshit that most girls pull! She gets to the point and does not play games, and if she is a nice Alpha, she can still be kind in her choice of approach and words.

   4. She’s a do-er, not a talk-er.

Alpha’s take action, so if she says she’s gonna do something – you bet your butt, she’s gonna do it. She probably expects the same in return: if you say you’re gonna do something, you sure as hell better follow through. And if ya don’t, she will…so don’t miss the boat, Mister. Hop on!

   5. She doesn’t wear her Alpha on her sleeve if she is smart.

Chocolates? Flowers? One of those Hallmark cards that have a cute pun about how much you love her? Yeah, these things will probably make her vom a little in her mouth before it makes her heart melt. Not that she’s a total cynic, but she’s used to the doting – the lovey dovey stuff that every girl wants – and in order to get her attention, you’ll need to come up with something a little more original…..but start somewhere, women love to be courted

   6. She’s not easy.

If you think loving an Alpha Female is easy, you’re wrong. She’s difficult, competitive, and probably complicated. She gets off from being free, being in power, and will step on any man who gets in her way. She is, in fact, Ab. So. Lute. Ly. Impossible.  You need to also draw your line in the sand, you have needs too, and she needs to know it, gently put!

   7. But she’s definitely worth it.

Her my-way-or-the-highway attitude and complete self-competence will, at times, make you feel small. Instead, let it empower you. Let it strengthen your weaknesses, and let it feed your drive to success. She will help you learn about yourself; she will push you; she will change you; she will impact you. Overall, she will make you a better man….and you will make a better team!