Hi dear Shannon and Inge,

Thank you so much for the sensitive way in which you have dealt with me over the past ten days and your dedication and patience – I was very nervous and sceptical and almost ready to give up on ever finding a genuine lady who just wants a guy to love her and give her everything he can and who can appreciate love as a divine gift, such a simple and natural necessity in our existence – for what else is the purpose of working so hard and being a better person when you have nobody to share it with? I have been so let down recently, finding ladies only see the material things and are so uncaring and selfish, I am not a robot but a very warm hearted guy. I am highly respected at the highest level in my career, but overlooked as a just a man seeking a partner. I feel like something is wrong with ME! You have restored my confidence and now realise I have been looking in the wrong places and too eager to please making me look needy (now understand I am allowed my boundaries too, life is a two-way street afterall) so am joining now as a Diamond Member because I believe investing in your services means in return you will invest in me, and so far you have done more for me than anyone else on a personal level in years! I do feel very safe and now looking forward to my new adventure in the world of dating! You guys are tuly professional matchmakers with plenty of heart!

Fond regards Allan