Thank you! My life is transforming

Jan 29, 2018 | Testimonial

Dear Shannon,

Thank you very much for the extended session this morning. I am so more confident now with meeting great worthy bachelors and I know I am worth a great catch! I am able now to keep an open mind, as my quotation says, and up for all challenges in the language of love.

It was hugely insightful. You are an incredible date coach, you get to the point in the kindest way and our profiling is spot on – I trust you as my matchmaker with all my heart! I realise I have made many bad choices because I was attracted to the ‘wrong elements’, but I now have more depth.

I look forward to learning to put some of your suggestions and ideas into practice and working at it.

It is really great to have someone so committed, straight forward and honest to work beside me.

I know you will call me when you need to but more importantly guide and support me to develop my confidence and my tactics

Thank you for your incredible dedication.

With gratitude