When dating feels like bounty hunting

Apr 30, 2022 | Blogs

Seeking your perfect partner, soulmate, missing puzzle piece – whatever the perception of what the dating game is really all about, it boils down to the chase, the search  – and the hunt! Then the Big Question, where do Singles start?

Dating apps, online dating, personal matchmaker or dating agency? Or go it alone? Hoping you meet that person of your dreams organically, your heart’s longing, or God’s Will, that ONE who is going to make your life burst into flame and light up your existence and make life sweet again? Call it destiny, fate or actually having a dating design or strategy, unless you open the doors to the prospects out there, it could end up a fruitless search, or take a very long time.

Seeking New Love is a Hunt

Whether we like it or not we are all searching (and hunting) and it requires far more than mere chemistry. As professional matchmakers, we hear many woes of lost love or shattered dreams, and often this means that Single men and women do not really think their dating plan through! To find a life partner, soulmate or even think of sharing a future, requires a working idea of what “togetherness” is really about.  Hence our relationship coaching is so vital to successful outcomes.

 Our Matchmaker says: “When Love Finds us it all changes”

The good news is that love is our birthright and nobody is meant to be alone and single – it is not a disease – it is a temporary situation when we feel motivated to open new doors, lose old repeating patterns and start attracting what we really want – and need! “Dating” is necessary to explore all possible prospects and find that compatibility that makes us feel we are finally “home” and safe to share and be vulnerable …..but it does take some work first! Never settle for second best or compromise for the sake of “having a companion” because love is powerful, love is kind and love makes everything better.

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