Dating Successful Women

It is just a fact of life today that women are empowered and earning big bucks – mostly – often as much or more than their male counterparts, so what happened to the “little woman” needing a man to provide and protect?  So where do the ladies find their heroes in this day and age?  Many men are broke – does it mean he is not a good investment?  NO!! Our men are still our heroes, when we acknowledge all their good traits!

The conundrum facing men today is navigating the roadblock to finding lasting and fulfilling love. He is judged on what he can provide and seen as a lesser man if he can’t spoil his lady lavishly, with status, power and gifts being the order of the day. Women do not see him as a prospect, he is labelled a sad-ass and broke dude!  But he is great looking and fun so he attracts women who use him for their own needs, discounting him as a lasting investment of the heart! So what are his options when he seeks lasting love but ends up a “best for now” – flings!!

Or he can get rich as soon as possible to attract admiring women! Truth is, by the time he is successful and seen as a catch, he can call the shots and may not need to fulfil his “provider roll”, no longer into substantive relationships, and his options are endless and he is having loads of fun  – flings!

Date Coach Gives Advice

Date Coach Shannon Davidoff, owner of two dating agencies  with vast experience recommends“Ladies, you cannot always have it both ways – be both lucky enough to be wealthy in your own right AND have a superior man who earns more than you as this is NOT an every-day find – an honourable and sincere man will contribute in many other ways (love, support, respect and warmth and put his share in the pot) so accept you may pay more bills and buy luxuries, if you want a man in your life who adds value of a different kind”.  Never sabotage your chances at finding real love and happiness by putting a price on it!

There truth is there are really good men out there who believe in lasting love and yearn to cherish their Significant Other! The average red blooded man has a vision to be the provider and fulfil his role as your hero and take bullets for you, and if you build together, a man with a pure heart and good intentions can make you proud one day, look after you in other ways than with money, but with true love, faithfulness, appreciation and loyalty for a lasting relationship.  All you need do is seek that man with the right potential to invest in, who loves you for you and NOT your money – the love you will receive is the biggest prize, the most valuable thing more than money, you can ever find!!  Security is important but comes in many ways! Wealth can be lost … stays strong!

Are single women also “predators” in this day and age? Yes! so as the broke-ass dude has discovered, there are desperate women with money happy to trade resources – their gifts for the attention, fun and sex they crave from hunky men (women exceed men 60/40 globally)  because there are not enough men to go around, the result is a new breed of men who will target you for your assets because you are allowing it (not for your loving nature) and never have any intention of being a soul mate, taking what he can and moving on!  The ladies have taught them being fickle but fun is good enough, for a short term or quick fix. So beware!  Look deep into the heart of a man who wants to hook up with you first, or get professional help in finding your Mr. Right first!

The conundrum can be answered if both men and women at some point evaluate their concept of the meaning of being cherished, loved and supported in a lasting relationship compared to their material needs – and communicate it to the person they are attracted to – a trade-off can be dignified and honourable too! Your date coaches and dating experts at are at hand to share their secrets on how to reach a happy balance!