Hi Shannon

I am so sorry, I have only just read your email. Thank you so much for taking the time to write to me, I truly appreciate it. Firstly, thanks for being such a professional matchmaker! Your personal singles introductions are truly the best!

I have told Allan already and I thought it better to do so as he was really making an effort, texting last night and this morning and he is such a nice man, there honestly was no spark there for me at all and I am so bad at pretending. I also know that he would not have just wanted to be friends🙂sadly he is not my perfect partner despite it being an expert match.

I have realised that I dont know what I want or need in a man and maybe I need to figure this out first which is why I have decided to put this on hold for a month or so while I go figure out what it is really want from love and men. I also still seem to hurt too easily 🙂 I thought I was going to be able to “play the field” a bit and find out what I want but feelings are involved and I dont know how to handle that part. I thought dating in this day and age was easy! I may be an executive single lady but I realise how much I need a professional matchmaker NOW TO HELP WITH A DATING GAME PLAN.

I thought I was doing well with John and Allan but truly had no idea that John thought I was only seeing or chatting to him and not settling, we were not even on the same page yet!🙂I apologise if I have negatively impacted on PP by telling John myself but perhaps if you just confirm with him what I have told you, he will at least know it is the truth, and you can send him more ideal matches. He asked me, when we were out on our date, what my perfect match would be and I told him that I had no idea.

Maybe when I start again I should look at doing some relationship coaching. I struggle with the grey areas of life and dating definitely is a grey area for me. Amazing how we can get to this age and still be so seemingly incapable of understanding each other or communicating effectively with each other. Dating sites are a waste of time as you do not really know who your perfect match is until too late, singles only social clubs are a bunch of losers! My friends think a guy is awesome – but they haven’t seen him in a romantic context, they are lousy at matchmaking! I truly value your slow and methodical professional singles introductions to screened and profiled guys.

Thank you again Shannon, I am sure you must have your hands full with all of us oh so very mature teenagers! 🙂🙂

Much love and light to you.