Shannon, a professional matchmaker, owner of two of the leading matchmaking and personal dating agencies in South Africa, with a good track record of nearly two decades in the singles dynamic, is asked every day “Why am I finding it so hard to find a decent date?” and many ask simply, where are the “normal singles” to be found on all the singles dating platforms they try. Is there something wrong with me? They are frustrated and burnt out from fruitless searches on online dating sites!! Singles need to be matched and introduced!

The first question Shannon will then ask, is “what do you consider normal?”. What does it mean to you when seeking a lasting relationship, are you dating the right others? What are your expectations? The answer is usually exactly the same when it comes to a match “someone I can love – normal” is someone who takes care of themselves, is in a good frame of mind, has a sound value system (many cultures differ, which she understands) and just enjoys living an active and meaningful lifestyle, with a loving and loveable heart to share! A good start!  Of course, they would also have some value add and bring their side to the party, not just looking for entertainment, a FWB, a fancy dining experience or a dance companion!

Why am I so hard to date?

Indeed, the real reason seems to be very true, SERIOUS SINGLES are not meeting the right singles! They may find someone with the “right look” but then the personality and character are totally incompatible. Do singles then just settle for looks, or do they wish to be matched with someone who is potentially a soul mate? It is indeed a very fine tuned skill to find the right mix when seeking someone even “dateable” – especially when winging it alone! Singles also need to know the secrets to attracting what they seek – when they know what they want!  Expert help is here!

Service of Professional Matchmaker – Getting the answers to succeed to Love

Shannon and her team, experts on all things dating and matchmaking and finding love, start by really getting to know all their valued members, profiling being key.  A matchmaker and date coach knows you are sensitive and even vulnerable, and need caring advice.

The realisation dawns that finding a really well matched love partner for life, is a very serious matter, and of course, any professional service demands a fee. There is though, no pressure to join until a potential member is happy with the proposed services. Time is money, and having a caring matchmaking agency and date coach on your side, screening all possible introductions suitable for you, is a huge saving in frustration, time and anxiety! (See article on the real cost of dating).

Why are good women hard to find when using Dating Sites?

Quite simply, most good woman are not desperate or needy and prefer not to be on every possible online site or social media, they want to be introduced!!  Who better then to introduce you to a great lady, matched to your criteria, by a mutual “friend” your matchmaker! Shannon also hears every day … Gosh! Where do you find these awesome and STUNNING ladies? Well, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and no matter “looks”, there is someone for everyone’s particular taste, with a guarantee of mutual attraction… so it is NOT necessary to be a perfect 10+, but the perfect partner in the eyes of your new “fan”… a friend on the way to becoming your “forever after”. Prince Charming and Cinderella only exist in fairy tales!!

Why is it so Hard to find a good man?

Getting the right advice, learning secrets on what decent men seeking a lady really want, will set you on the right path! Men are from Mars and Women from Venus, and your professional matchmaker will be sure to get you understanding the opposite gender in no time!! Love shares the same language, at the right time! Shannon’s date coaching, relationship coaching, date ready preparation and dating tips will fast track you in no time!! She can soon tell you what decent and eligible men are seeking, and part of her service is to make you irresistible to your kinda guys!