Have you been dating a cockroach

Feb 14, 2019 | News

Have you been dating a Cockroach? If it blows your hair back to name a cockroach after your ex …why???

by Perfect Partners

Happy Valentine’s day to our amazing members!
And I must say, not a cockroach amongst you! We were asked to write an article about this trending topic… revenge of the ex… so today it is just a share and maybe a laugh …

This shows you what the media want to know from a matchmaker, how hard it is to date and find the right match, and how bad it must be out there, so it is funny in a way! This is NOT happening to our awesome upmarket singles who are dating happily!!

Why did you date a cockroach in the first place!!??  You didn’t know he/she was a cockroach?  Yep, we know, there just is no telling!!! Or is there?

Shannon shares her views on dating cockroaches because she remembers her grandmother’s words like yesterday Shannon! That boy you dating is an INSECT!  INSECT!! Her elbows flapping up and down.  How did Granny know? She was smart, and she KNEW! Grannies know these things!  Grannies CARE!

Dog, pig, cougar, wolf, bitch (she-dog) or gold digger or worse – and many unmentionables, all manner of name-calling gives some satisfaction …stick it to ’em!!! …but then? Fact is, you remain single!  Chances are you will go right back out there and meet another cockroach!! Dating was NEVER so hard, because cockroaches come in many disguises!

Matchmaker gives advice

Why do people fall in love in no time at all, and think it is The One, just like magic?  It is the mystery of all time.  It is not cave men times when we had to breed before the lions ate us. Now we can look around and make the right choices, not so?

Because love is blind!  From the Bible to Shakespeare, the woes of tragedy in love lost and found abound! Poems and songs are dedicated to the star-crossed tragedy of loveless and forlorn ex-lovers!! Death, doom, disaster – ..it is all there!  What happened to Cinderella and the Prince? Nobody knows…

There is help! Shannon, owner of two reputable dating agencies, an expert and renowned matchmaker of nearly two decades, warns those anxious singles, burning and yearning for that cosmic explosion of stars and fireworks and “love at first sight, those life-changing emotions of – I am in loooove!! …stop and look carefully, a new attraction may look like the real deal, but is this a cockroach and how do I tell? Your matchmaker may just have the answer …go find out!

You will never know unless you get professional help choosing a new mate and you have a dating plan! Because love finds us when the timing is right and you meet the “right others” for YOU.  Your matchmaker is doing everything to ensure you meet the Right Others.  Now that sounds easy, a “right other”is surely someone who also wants to be in love?  DUH? No.

The kick-ass question, how do you know they are right for YOU? What do you KNOW about this new “love god/goddess” who is suddenly consuming your every waking moment with passion and dreams of sunsets and moonbeams and a fairy tale life shared?

Sex is easy….being in love is not! Love is hard work if you survive the cosmic explosion… love needs to be tended like a lush garden … until the end game…. and dating sites are everywhere, but it is hard work! Why not outsource your dating needs to a professional dating agency, an expert matchmaker, and rather be discreetly introduced to someone who has real potential??

Shannon helps with this advice… be properly introduced to the “right others for you”, be cautious but be hopeful and be wise, make choices from the heart, there are many red flags you may not know until it’s too late! Stop repeating patterns, do something different to get different results.  It is such fun exploring potential, and harmless when you do dating the right way.

If you know how to survive the dating game, you may outlive that cockroach you fed to the rat, and go on to live a life of joy and abundance… the depth of true love can survive everything …. from the ice ages to nuclear warfare! Love has kept the human species thriving, on steroids!

…and be careful not to be the newly named cockroach either! If you creepy, you are a cockroach!

Namaste!  With love and light, your Perfect Partners Team