Thank you so much Shannon for your input and advice. You always have such wise words and your experience shines through. I truly have no idea how people do this on their own!

I read all your newsletters and dating advice and have successfully applied it all, and guess what, I have three very eligible bachelors courting me and quite a dilemma to see what time will bring! But a very nice dilemma! What lovely guys, each very different but definitely keepers.

My energies are stirring and I feel really great! That desperate feeling of being doomed to die single has long gone as I find new confidence, with your help and the great intros I get. I know I will still have my husband and family before I am 40! I also know not everybody is suited for everybody, and the ones that do connect with me are genuine, so I no longer see it as rejection if somebody does not ask to meet me it may be a God send in fact! It was never meant to be!!

Please keep up the good work! There may be those that never succeed at dating, and that is their fault if they do not listen to you! Negative singles get negative results that is the basic law of attraction! Patience is key as choosing a soul mate for life is not just a romp in the hay! I have found you are also so right us gals have the ultimate power even if men are the hunter’s when we decide no it is no and not the end of the world, we move on without any trauma if we listen to our instinct and keep our feminine goddess intact.

With love and light,
Dr. Naidoo