To Date or Not to Date? Please Help Me!

Feb 21, 2019 | Testimonial

I’m a young gal of 25 years and a Christian. I am very worried about dating and finding myself the right man to start a family.

I met a guy about a year ago and we became close friends and since then ,we don’t see each other most of the time but we chat a lot on whattsapp and on phone calls.

About two months back he asked if we could date and I refused. Because I had my reasons for not dating ,one of them is that I’m unemployed and the other thing I’m depressed and I’m still too young to commit myself into a serious relationship. Or do I start looking for my man now and see what happens?

I think dating will lead us to pregnancy and marriage of which I’m not ready for both of them. I love and like the guy and can’t stop thinking about him. I told him my reasons and he seems so cool about them and persists on dating me. I need help and advise ASAP. Thanks