Good Morning Team, I am happy to say I have never dated a cockroach on your platform, quite the opposite, and now I think I have found my Valentine just in time!

I met Lena B ( my last intro ) and we have met as couple times now. Just need some more time with her. So we will see more of each other, I don’t know if you gonna leave her file open or what you gonna tell her.

As regards to the last newsletter or two… I think you guys are awesome. It can’t be easy being a matchmaker when everyone is so different and unique. I do realize you can only do so much up to a point and then it’s completely out of your hands, so I respect that and grateful for that.

I do want to mention that my purest intentions in joining PP was something real and longer-term and I have not been disappointed ever.

Down with the naysayers and up up and beyond!

Many many Thanks to the team!
Have a kick-ass day today!

Warmest regards