Make dating safe again …and where has the fun gone?

Perfect Partners

Oh my giddy aunt!  Where to start! You are single and you want to meet your perfect match, your soul mate!  Are you yearning for that magic moment, that breakthrough? Where do you start? So many choices! Fact is online dating has been around quite a while now and the common experience is you may get lucky – a 1 in a 1000 chance, as much chance as winning the Lotto! Are you feeling lucky!?

It is exhausting and it is an emotional vampire as you start off with hope, excited about all the hundreds or thousands of options you have suddenly, and it all looks so easy!! Then the bubble bursts! Burn-out sets in!

Then reality hits home!  Dating online is never easy! Half the profiles are fake, catfishing is uncontrolled, and those you elected to connect with, are nowhere near what your wild imagination had you believing the best potential!  Or you find someone “nearly good enough” and settle in sheer desperation and believe “it may just work”…….

Suddenly you realise you need to be a psychologist, sociologist, criminologist and recruiter of note, to assess the personalities, determine the character and “type of person” they really may be, and you need to be a psychic to know if you are even safe! There are tons of nightmare stories out there, and the scamming for financial gain is now legendary, so why are singles still falling for it!

Simply, they do not know where else to try!


According to latest breaking news, many singles have cottoned on to the fact that a matchmaker does all the recruiting and profiling for you, and can give you a personal matching service where you get in-depth profiles of potential others, and best of all, a choice upfront on whom you wish to meet!

Suddenly the FUN is back in dating!! You may pay a reasonable fee (and often there are packages to choose from) but there is peace of mind and a huge saving in time and effort, and late nights burning the midnight oil, searching and searching until your mind freezes! Best of all, you have a personal relationship with your very own matchmaker who has your best interests at heart!!

A huge advantage is, your matchmaker is often an experienced date coach and can advise you on the best game plan, we call it dating by design and not default!  Your matchmaker is your dating expert, love “doctor” and friend, your relationship should be one of trust as you both seek the same outcome and work together, the common enemy being “single and alone”!!

It may be a bitter pill to swallow when your matchmaker guides you on your “not so perfect” dating image or style, but then, you do want the best for YOU, don’t you! A professional agency knows what works in this “finding love again” mission, and this is valuable guidance….in your own best interest.

Everyone serious Single seeking a love match also has their own niche ……you may desire that hunky guy at the gym, but may be better suited to someone more academic? The elements are complex, and you will explore what suits you best with your friendly matchmaker.

It is labour-intensive and not for the faint of heart, but it sure beats the “dating in the dark” blues!

Enquiries welcome, please follow the next steps on our website and submit your profile, it is highly confidential and very safe and not on any open site.