You may or may not remember, but you introduced me to Alida about three and a half years ago. I am very pleased to say that we have been living together for the past three years and are going to get married on 1st March this year!

Thank you for the introduction; it is as though I have known Alida all my life and it is definitely confirmation that your matchmaking skills are of the highest order. I was definitely one of your most sceptical members but you never gave up on me, which I will be eternally grateful for. From day one it was just right!! You always said it is like zero to hero in the blink of an eye, how right you were!

Alida was new with you and I was her first date, and it seemed like we had been waiting all our lives to find each other. If it was not for you, I guess I would still be the most eligible 55 year old man in the world – and the loneliest!! I came close to believing love would elude me forever!

I am a British Citizen and would like to arrange a Spousal Visa for Mary as we are now happily married – and never a single bad moment either way. It would be a great help if you could email me confirmation that you introduced us – I think it was June 2015 in case the Embassy think this is a fast move to get her into the UK. Would you be able to do this for us? it will be greatly appreciated if you can.

Kind Regards