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It is a simple fact – not everybody is a 10+ in the dating stakes!! If singles were perfectly suited at a glance, a matchmaker or dating site would not be needed in this business of finding someone to love! Nobody would be seeking or single!  No matter how different, how plain or how gorgeous, if you are a nice person and have your heart in the right place, love will find you when you meet the right others!! Love is simple, humans are difficult! LOL!

Timing is up to God and the dating angels and good luck, just as winning the lotto…..and sadly, maybe some people are NOT as date ready as they believe even if visually perfect! Some may have burn-out from too much wasted effort and disappointment, some may believe love is a myth…..and worse, some singles believe they are not really worthy of love!!  Nonsense!!  As your matchmaker, we work it out – together.

Even worse – bad choices can be emotionally exhausting, even ending in trauma one way or another – how do you know WHO you are meeting in this day and age of catfishing? Get help!

Are most singles finding it hard to date? The answer is yes!!  It is hard to find single guy, no!  it is hard to find a single lady, no!! It is hard though to find the right one for you and certain skills are needed. That is why only about 11% of singles find love on a digital platform or dating site. Singles who are dating with eternal hope, often choose someone only on looks. Is this smart?

 2019 has seen a stirring amongst singles around the world, frustrated that with thousands of dating “aids” and “meeting platforms” and thousands of “choices”  love just has not happened for them.  Guys, we are talking about tens of millions of singles!

Dating nightmares in the digital age

Digital dating or dating online has become a sport, a joyride for those with agendas, perpetuating the delusion that by finding an “interest”, a loving relationship will be a given if you like someone enough to meet.  Boy + Girl = Love! NO! No, finding love is still hard work if you want to be safe and secure in a steady and meaningful relationship, you need to know about them too ….and know a lot!.

Fact is, singles around the world are starting to lean towards outsourcing their “soul mate recruitment” and are finding personal introductions actually do save enormous effort, time and definitely costs, because every bad result is a LOSS in many ways, especially emotionally! Compared with online dating success rates of around 10% (globally) matchmakers have at least a 60+% success rate.  Timing still being the unknown factor in all instances, yet a far better chance of succeeding!!  It is quality not quantity that matters.

With love from our hearts to yours, and looking forward to hearing from you!!

Fond regards,
Your Perfect Partners Team