There are millions of singles seeking a love connection around the world and dating online, and dating apps abound with many offers of “accurate” matching and many choices to choose from. Why, then, is it so difficult to actually connect with a love prospect and meet someone who truly resonates and finds attraction too? Years go by, and statistics prove that maybe only 8% of Singles really find their soulmate – and it can take a long time!!

Safe Dating when “Boy Meets Girl”

Long before the digital world and online dating, Singles seeking to find love and settle had to actually go out there, socialise and mingle and meet compatible love prospects, and even then, there were not many choices. One huge advantage and value add of the digital revolution was the alternative to dating sites – the good old-fashioned matchmaker!! Not just the old lady in the village who arranged love matches, but the advent of the professional matchmaking and dating agencies. A matchmaker is also human, sensitive and caring and goes to great lengths to get to know each client’s needs and desires and is well placed to then personally introduce two compatible Singles, working from a safe platform and always confidential.

 Matchmaker and Date Coach

A professional matchmaker is usually a mature and experienced person with a background in human sciences, human behaviour and even psychology. Even better if your matchmaker runs a dating agency that also offers date coach guidance and advice. An experienced matchmaker is usually street smart, up to date on global trends, informed on dating habits and styles and even more. A matchmaker can help clients recognize red flags and warnings long before disaster strikes!!

Dating with your Dating Agency

A reputable dating agency is very much like “recruitment” because it involves sourcing the RIGHT calibre Singletons, talent scouting and interviewing to ensure everyone is on the same page – not punching randomly in the dark and living with fantasies!! A dating service always carries a fee, and this is invested back in the client’s personal project through extensive advertising and resources, shared by the entire database. A dating agency can pool all the fees and use for the good of all!! Strength in numbers is much easier than going it alone!! A huge saving in stress, time and effort too.

Perfect Partners have been a leading and award-winning dating agency for close on two decades and really know how to assist you with this life-changing search for the real deal in love. A free orientation chat will soon bring new hope and insights – submit your application today and stand by for the invitation to chat if you meet basic entry criteria.

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