We Found Love through Perfect Partners 2021/2022

Sep 23, 2022 | Testimonial

Good day dear Shannon and Team,

I would like to thank Perfect Partners for allowing me the opportunity to utilise your platform to meet other singles and safely explore my own niche community of awesome bachelors.  I joined in August 2021 and just before my membership came to an end I started dating someone that I met through you. What an amazing guy!! We got to know each other and after a few meetings, we won each other’s hearts. A perfect match! Your help and guidance was invaluable in helping me also negotiate that new pathway to love because you are so right – we all need to adapt and everything is negotiable – instead of months of being unsure (even of myself) I was a quick learner from your relationship coaching and things just kept getting better.

Our relationship is still new however I see us going far as we click very well.We share a home province and culture which makes it even more interesting. I am blushing a lot as I am typing this email but let’s just say a woman is in love and Perfect Partners made it happen!

You are welcome to check on me/us anytime as we do truly feel like ‘family’ with your warmth and care always present. I wish you well and please share my happiness with everybody!!

Warm Regards,