Dating Seriously

by Perfect Partners

Good relationships come from unexpected places when we meet the RIGHT others, but who then is “right for me” exactly?

As the leading matchmaking and dating agency in South Africa, we asked our expert coach Shannon for her slant on what singles seeking worthwhile dates and real lasting relationships should keep in mind. Shannon has many years of experience debunking dating myths and helping Singles find success, especially when they are yearning to enjoy deep, uncomplicated and meaningful and lasting relationships. Talk to us and let us help you!!

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By Shannon:

In my role as consultant and coach, I read the profiles that are sent to our dating agency daily. People from all walks of life, different races, religions, generation groups, cultural and with differing life/love perspectives. Part of that profile is everyone’s description of their “perfect partner” and what they are dreaming of – but is it merely dreaming or actually double?.

More often than not, the pictures of the applicant’s ideal mate lean towards or mimic, the description of the applicant themselves. The partner we seek is almost a mirror to you, with the same interests, character traits and desires. On the surface, this may seem logical but it lacks a fundamental element to an erotic relationship, and that is the tension of opposites.

Likeminded dates are great but are you dating your clone?

While similar values and worldviews are essential, it is this tension that creates the spice which can lead to a long-lasting dance between you and your partner. A power couple has different strengths that work together and at the same time cause healthy friction in the relationship. Both are needed and both are essential and when lacking, leads to boredom and breakup.

When we “think” about what our perfect partner should be we may look for someone exactly like ourselves, but when our hearts guide us we normally desire something very different. Think of characters from movies or books that have sent your heart racing, are they a carbon copy of you as the opposite sex, or very different?

We seek love and are moved by lust. We want a friend and lover in the same person. We demand monogamy but wish for craziness. When seeking another don’t shut out this part of yourself by looking for safety in familiarity. Your chance to have a deeply nourishing and wildly erotic relationship depends on the tension of opposites.  It is key to get to really know someone before you invest your all, even if the chemistry is driving you wild –  sexual tension is the best foreplay!!

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