Hi Shannon, thank you so much for your very encouraging and thoughtful – nay insightful – view of what we really show to the outside world and how best to approach that search for a true soulmate. Being pragmatic as you say, is the reality, not ego or self-importance 🙂 And thank you too for your kind words of encouragement. We men do not often have this kind of feedback so thank you once again. Men these days are just assumed to show up and be heroes, but it does take two to tango in the dance of love of give and take. Men are human too and also yearn to be loved, share love and be appreciated, we are not just after “only one thing” always. Your honesty means a lot.

What follows is what would be wonderful in the ‘nirvana’ lady. I have given this a huge amount of thought as our pathway to love is developing, much reflection and drawn deeply on the lessons I have learnt in life. I have always valued and pursued fundamentally good, positive, deep and real relationships be they with men or woman. Companionship and care for each other are what has always driven me, and a lovely grounded lady is always a pleasure to be with and near. The eye-candy aspect is just not the only determinant when seeking a lifetime investment of the heart, although realistically we all want to be with people who are healthy and not have health risks and also have good energy and are vibrant, and all her feminine mystery, softness, strength and understanding of life is important.

We all carry the baggage of life at each stage of our life’s journey. I know that I and any potential friend or partner will come with a degree of this baggage. But I have spent the best part of 8 years making sure I am psychologically and emotionally stable to commit myself to a deeply felt loving relationship and I just cannot afford to find myself in a co-dependant role where the joy of being together is broken by too many issues from the past that needs to be healed before we can move on. Please no broken birds or overly needy partners. 🙂

Thank you for the lovely introductions so far (ticking most of my boxes and always a work in progress as I realise we still need to grow together and first attraction is not where it ends) in my journey with your dating agency, and thank you for your deep understanding of my needs. My confidence and hope is restored in the dating game!

Fond regards