Dating with Social Anxiety

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The best ADVICE for single people with social anxiety is talk to an expert on dating/mating/relating and find the answers. A psychologist is trained to deal with more medically based disorders, but Your Matchmaker is a “therapist on matters of the heart” and assists in finding a fulfilling love relationship with the RIGHT person for you, for starters!

Have you ever pre-empted the end of a relationship because you feared it would fail anyway?

This is not an uncommon situation when singles seek loving relationships – is it too good to be true, or what? People in troubled relationships and marriages can assess reasons for anxiety by facing the facts, nobody is perfect.

Singles who are dating to find The One, can banish issues related to social anxiety, but it’s easier said than done.  Time is key to looking deeper than just the surface “fears” and time is pivotal to communicate openly and honestly.

Singles/couples can better manage their stress and mental health to strengthen and cultivate lasting romantic relationships with expert help. It is not a quick fix, it needs time, and often a matchmaker and a date coach cuts to the heart of the matter quickly and effectively, and much time and heartache is spared when we do it right!

Anxiety is the sneaky devil that Undermines Relationships

Suffering social anxiety and the direct link to the quality of romantic relationships are bedfellows!  That little devil called fear lurks regardless!

Rocky relationships are haunted by insecurity (how much do I give, to receive enough?), jealousy (if I am not good enough, they will cheat) and fear of “not being good enough” means we become what we project, NOT GOOD ENOUGH! This directly translates to less trust, mutual support, confidence and effort to please between romantic partners. Rather be the abuser than the abused…hmmm?

Relationship anxiety can cause couples to be hostile and belittling. They often resort to an overbearing and even bullying attitude, and attempt to control significant others as a way to reduce their own insecurities, often with subtle blackmail “if you do this, then I will do that”. The worst thing could also be being so insecure overly clingy, acting with suspicion and demonstrating their lack of trust and anxiety via jealousy.

Singles even run at the first sign of a new love, avoiding a relationship altogether — resorting to sexual liaisons and fly-by-night stolen moments of brief encounters, a coping mechanism to hold back parts of themselves to avoid rejection by not staying long enough, or being vulnerable enough to expose their real loveable self.

Talk to Your Matchmaker and Dating Coach – find out how to establish Trust and Lessen Social Anxiety

Your matchmaker is your friend. Your matchmaker highlights your strengths and encourages singles to communicate better, starting at the first “Hi, pleased to meet you…”, often gently intervening before too much damage is done. Talking it through can banish insecurity and anxiety. The corner stone of any relationship is a foundation of trust and support. A couple, whether first meeting or in a trial relationship, learn to love again with confidence, acceptance of imperfections, and by sharing through honest and effective communication.

When couples do not open up and share their deepest fears or insecurities, social anxiety can be the actual ignition point of no return when the relationships becomes toxic. When people are paranoid and shut down with their partners, they might adopt negative forms of communication that include criticism, contempt, defensiveness, and stonewalling…..and even abuse!

The best way to find help is speak to a matchmaker WHO KNOWS YOUR SINGLE LANDSCAPE, the psyche of diverse singles you will meet through her, the complexities of finding and keeping love and knows ALL TO WELL  what detrimental behavior patterns can be neutralized, through helping her singles with a combination of new knowledge, confidence, respect, and persistence.

YOUR MATCHMAKER CAN ADDRESS YOUR ISSUES HEAD-ON WITH GOOD RESULTS!!  It is not about you!!  It is the love story you need to write yourself, even better when not doing alone!

Your matchmaker is happily waiting to hear from you today!

Fond regards,
Shannon and your Team