Single Ladies Dating And Seeking A Man And Being Sure He Is Mr Right


As a busy relationship therapist, our matchmaker and date coach often hears how well it went on a first meet-up, but then nothing much happens after that, and why is this? Two Singles dating and on the search to find love again may indeed get along well and he may really be an eligible bachelor and tick all her boxes!  He looks like he enjoyed meeting you and exploring and maybe he will still contact you again –  but then it fizzles and we wonder why!  You made a good impression too, so what cooks?

Why We Call It The Dating Game And How To Beat The Game At Its Own Game

Most of our members are aware that everyone is “exploring” on first meet-ups, it is logically not dating, and we are only agents of intros, once you meet it is all in your hands to run with the ball if there is an attraction both ways. Nobody is “dating” until they have invested time together, then they get to know each other better too, it is a natural process, never based on “interest questions” which most new “daters” ask way too soon – but we do agree, showing equal interest is important from the get-go. The man is the “hunter” right? And that is all part of the game!

Managing Dating Expectations And Why A Single Guy May Not Hunt Until He Is Sure

The problem with this (asking too much or revealing too much too early) the key is to be sensitive to the other party’s expectations, both ways…….and really relaxed (not desperate) bachelors know it is ultimately a little unkind to show too much interest (overkill or oversell?) because often Singles often do not manage their expectations and believe the interest is leading to a possible relationship….when in reality everyone is still in the – getting to know you phase.  The first phase is about letting real attraction take hold, and often is inspired by curiosity to learn more, so then the questions and responses are natural. This is so much part of the “law of attraction” and the art of a lady also using her feminine charms (flirting?) to make him want to engage…all part of the age-old “dating game” between guys and gals!

Having said that, the “dating game” is different for each individual, so back to exploring, meaning meet others and allowing the natural process happen, as is the desired result and even destiny, and it is not easy to guess, which is all part of the thrill of the chase – and guys must “hunt” – if it is too easy they are not sure!!

Dating Nightmares From “instant Gratification” And Misjudgment

In this day and age of instant gratification and wanting results NOW, especially in “dating” (or the lead up to dating) many Singles rush the process, end up too close too quickly and invest too much too soon, only to find out later they really were not that well-suited – and then we have a fall-out, disappointment, hurt and either one blaming the other … even divorces are the result of what was hasty and bad choices!

The Dating Game And Players Or Predators And How To Be Aware

Us gals are also prone to be fooled by the charmers, players and “users” who flatter, are pouring attention on us, shower attention and make us feel on top of the world, feel like a million dollars and believe wow!  he is smitten and this is IT!!  In fact, these smooth operators know just how to get to a woman’s heart in seconds, and then get what they want – a conquest – which never lasts!!

The Age-Old Art Of Flirting And Really Using Feminine Power

The ways Single ladies can turn this love game around is by NOT giving in too quickly (back to a man’s reason for existence on this planet is to be the HUNTER, and if he does not pursue, it is an easy kill and he moves on to the next – it is just the way the male of the species is hardwired!) so it is up to US to prove our own worthiness by making him WORK for our gracious attention and interest…then it is game on!!

Men will treat women with the same level of respect and worthiness we demonstrate we have (our own value) of ourselves – then he knows we are not desperate and get the message we are SPECIAL, and different and worthy and WORTH IT and deserve his BEST effort, then game on (if the initial attraction is genuine) if he is a flake or tool, he will soon lose interest because it is hard work to woo a worthy lady.

A really good book to read, written by a man who says it like it is, is “Act like a Lady, Think Like a Man” and is a world bestseller as it changed many dating approaches and notions around the world where the games of love are real……the Feminine Power RULES when a lady steers outcomes because her ultimate power (never her masculine persona!) is the fact she can have the last say – whether YES or NO THANKS …….no matter he graces us with his attention and adoration, he has to earn it, we gift men the opportunity to hunt then…and they LOVE IT (and even tell me how much they MISS it in these days of easy come and easy go, they want to feel validated too!)……and then we have their attention!!

Wrap a man around your pinkie? That is feminine power!!

Personal Introductions Provide The Best Prospects For Discerning Singles Dating

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